3 Things To Know Before Buying A New Computer


Is it time to upgrade your work computer? If so, you definitely want to be certain and confident that you are buying the right computer system for your investment, especially as this is going to be the computer that you perform your work on. Before visiting your local computer store, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the best performing computer for your money and for your computer needs. A few things to take into consideration before selecting a computer are:

What Type of Workstation You Want:

Do you have or want a multiple monitor setup? If so, you will want to make sure that the computer you shop for offers a dual display video output. Most dual monitor display outputs can be found on dedicated graphic cards. Graphics cards run off their own processor and video ram, which allows an average computer to perform well enough to power on multiple displays onto your monitors. So, when shopping for a computer that you need for a multiple monitor setup, be sure that it has its own dedicated graphics card unit and not just the motherboard display output.

The Hardware Performance:

Will you be designing or multiple tasking between many programs? If you are, you will want to look out for a powerful CPU (central processing unit) and RAM size. Rather than purchase a computer that has a dual-core processing chip, consider a computer that has a quad-core or 8-core processor. This will ensure that your computer is powerful enough to handle any design programs and CPU intensive programs. You will also want to be sure that you get a computer with a high RAM size. The more RAM you have, the better your computer will perform when running many programs at once. So, if you are a heavy multitasker, definitely be sure to keep an eye on the RAM size that's inside of the computer that you select.

The Type of Operating System You Need:

There are a variety of different operating systems, which means there are only a few ways to determine which operating system you need. The first reason is, if you already have programs that you own and have spent a lot of money on, you will want to see which operating system this program is compatible with. Chances are, you will want to stick with that operating system to avoid having to buy the program again for a different operating system. Also, some operating systems have different hard drive format features. If you already have external hard drives that are formatted for a specific operating system then definitely take this into consideration, as reformatting a hard drive can be pricey and time-consuming.

By keeping these three factors into mind when shopping for your next computer, you will be able to shop with confidence, and be certain that you are making the right choice on the computer that you select for your work. So, rather than just listen to a salesman or shop based on brand names, definitely be sure to shop at a store like McMurray Computer Experts Computer Store with these three tips in mind.


14 September 2015

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