Benefits Of Data Center Relocation To International Places


When a company has become so large that even its data center cannot be contained within its walls, it is time to consider either expansion or data center relocation. Expansion can be expensive. Data center relocation can be much cheaper. To get the cheapest possible rates on data center relocation, consider an international relocation. Here are some of the benefits of an international relocation of your data center.

Developing Countries Offer Better Rates to Bring Technology to Them

The biggest reason why so much technology and IT support is outsourced to other countries is because these countries' economies are not the greatest. When developed countries send tech and jobs over to them, they directly benefit from it. Their own economy gets better, even though they are providing really cheap services to your company. It is a mutual benefit for everyone involved.

If You Want to Physically Expand Later, Your Data Center Is Already in Another Country

If your company is not ready to physically expand yet, that is okay. When your company is finally ready to expand, your data center is already located in another country. You could take that leap and just go to that country and build another location for your company there. It would not take much, then, to get your new location connected and hooked up to your previously relocated data centers.

Remote Connections Are Even Easier Than They Have Ever Been

It really does not matter how far away you relocate your data center. The fact that you could even do away with a physical data center and move everything into the Cloud proves that point. You can even relocate to Egypt and put the data center in the Cloud, and you would still be able to access whatever software, data, and programs your company needs for daily operations. You could never really do that before IT satellites and Cloud technology were invented.

You Will Have a Lot More Physical Space Available in the Building With the Data Centers Gone

Office space for rapidly growing companies is constantly at a premium. Doing away with onsite physical data centers provides your building with so much more room than it had before. You could either open up these rooms as conference spaces or use them as departmental executive office spaces. Whatever you choose to do with the extra space is up to you, but your data will be safely placed elsewhere.

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21 June 2018

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